Prison Architect

Design and manage your very own prison with this odd reality game

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Design your own prison along with hiring the guards and other workers in Prison Architect.

If you enjoy simulation and construction games, then watch the Prison Architect demo before starting the game to see that this is a fun adventure. You get to build your own prison from the ground up, deciding on the colors, the shape and the size. It does have a digital appearance when it comes to the overall game play as you have to keep the prisoners from escaping once the prison is built, but the sound effects make up for the looks. There are bells and buzzers that will go off if someone tries to escape, and you can hear the clanging of the jail doors when they close.

The construction of the prison is the easy part. You get to decide on how many beds are in the prison and the overall appearance. Don't make it too appealing as this will tend to keep people inside the walls, preventing you from rehabilitating them to get back to their normal lives. There are a few riots that might break out in the prison, especially if you don't offer the basics that people need to live, such as water, food and places to sleep. Menus are easy to work with and pull down on the side of the screen to make it easier to change aspects of the prison and the people who operate the facility in Prison Architect.


  • Design your own building
  • Take charge of prisoners


  • Can take some time playing

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